Medical Gases


This three-hour course develops a comprehensive range of skills in the administration of oxygen and/or analgesic gas. You will be working within the latest British Thoracic Society protocols and guidelines.


Location & Time:

Les Cotils, 9:00am – 12:00pm

What you get:

➢ A Medical Gases Manual, face shield keyring, and pen
➢ A maximum of 12 delegates per trainer, meaning plenty of one-to-one guidance
➢ Associate Membership Insurance at no extra charge, when certificate is awarded

Course content:

➢ O2 casualty assessment
➢ Pulse oximetry
➢ O2 administration
➢ Resuscitation equipment
➢ Risk assessment
➢ Medical gas cylinders
➢ Oxygen flowchart reminder


Continuous observation by the trainer.


Successful candidates receive a St John Ambulance certificate, valid for one year.


£95 per person