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These courses have an online section and an in-person section which is completed at Les Cotils. The online section activates once you have selected a date and time slot. The online section is then completed as part of the whole course. Only a limited amount of slots are available per date.


These courses are completed in person at Les Cotils – you will have to book a date and time. Only a limited amount of slots are available per date.


It’s our business to make sure your first aiders have the skills and confidence to react effectively whenever called upon. Keeping first aid skills refreshed with regular practice is essential. This online course provides first aiders with an opportunity to practice and update their skills at any time while their first aid certificate is valid. It does not extend the period the original certificate is valid for but is strongly recommended by the HSE to combat first aid skills fade.


Along with our regularly scheduled courses, the following is a list of other popular courses which are scheduled at our venue based on demand: